AMD has confirmed that its first top-of-the-range graphics card, known as the Big Navi will be the first graphics product to hit the market under the RDNA2 graphics architecture. This means that the graphics card would arrive before the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Both next-Gen console also features RDNA2 graphics and will go on sale during Christmas this year.

The announcement was made by Devinder Kumar, AMD’s chief financial officer, during his presence at the Bank of America Global Securities Technology Conference. He revealed that a Big Navi graphic will be AMD’s first RDNA2 product.

“There is great excitement with Navi 2, or what our fans have called the Big Navi. Big Navi is a ‘halo product’ (a product that generates a lot of interest) and enthusiasts love to buy the best, and we certainly are working to give them the best, “said Devinder Kumar.

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On the other hand, he reiterated previous claims that AMD is “still on track to launch the next generation of Zen3 processors and RDNA2 graphics in late 2020.” So it is to be expected that by the end of this year the market for CPUs and GPUs will be highly encouraged. Rumors indicate that this could happen, specifically, between the months of September and October.


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