The PC Desktop industry is now seems slowdown, Intel has also no power to lead further new Processors equipped with new technology, expect 14nm Broadwell which is expected to be released in Q4 after postponed, the desktop version later this year. Now all they are doing is to lift the predecessors Haswell Refresh and Haswell-E. Boss does not work hard, the second AMD would never so desperate, about their strategy with Intel, FX Series FX-8300 just to get melted down not much impressed, this year from AMD main APU is Kaveri, there is Carrizo next year, now AMD is going to launch its new lineup of desktop version of kaveri, named as AMD kaveri Refresh, expected to be released in 2015.

AMD as Intel: AMD Kaveri Refresh Coming in 2015


We know that AMD Kaveri APUs are officially released during this year’s CES, but has not been a good reputation Globalfoundries OEM partners, A10-7850K and other new products are also listed more than only postponed. AMD will launch next year a new generation of Carrizo APU, also exposed a lot better than before, but those are also mobile version, the desktop version will use an upgraded version of Kaveri APUs.

An upgraded version of the so-called Kaveri, in fact, with an upgraded version of Intel’s Haswell almost that same TDP, higher frequencies, such a thing is actually done, but AMD in Richland APUs, we called Richland but actually it is an upgraded version of Trinity APU, no change in architecture, CPU and GPU core frequency has improved, improved power management.

So in 2015, we will see the most likely scenario, AMD will launched the mobile platform Carrizo APUs, some of the specifications are also exposed before, no DDR4, CPU and GPU core upgraded, but the process has changed now 28nm. The Kaveri desktop platform will usher in an upgraded version, the higher the frequency, but does not change the structure and processes expected to be released in 2015. AMD in 2016 will use the new architecture and technology, the new 64-bit architecture, FM3 +, DDR4 memory should debut .

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