A couple of weeks ago we announced that AMD would divide its division of processors and graphics cards, and we have the result, we are talking about the brand new AMD Radeon Technologies Group, which has created the Radeon Software Crimson to replace the 13 years old Catalyst Control Center. You will see a new control panel, which will be more intuitive, easier to use and additionally will run noticeably faster than currently available. The first version is called Crimson Edition and it should be available in Q4. However, I expect that we may see it a bit sooner than that, and that AMD is shooting in November while offering a conservative ETA.

AMD Announces Radeon Software Crimson, New Settings and More Innovative


After years of using the Catalyst driver and Catalyst Control Center, AMD graphics card users will have to switch to the new nomenclature. AMD officially announced that they will soon appear in the market with Radeon Software, which will replace the currently available solutions. We will receive a comprehensive package that contains new features, characterized by a streamlined, modern and transparent interface, which also will be easier to use.


Radeon Software Crimson Slides

The control panel Catalyst Control Center will be replaced by the Radeon / FirePro Settings (depending on the card). From the available data indicate that we find some new features that were not available in the currently available drivers, such as gaming manager, the social panel, system notifications, and video quality options. Very interesting promises to be an option of determining graphics card clocks and assign them to a specific game.

Going forward, AMD has also told us that this will be the first of multiple updates on the Radeon Software, According to the available slide, now to include the Catalyst Control Center you have to wait up to 8 seconds. In the case of the Radeon Settings supposed to be a mere 0.6 seconds. The granting of the names will be very similar to the present.

Radeon Software Crimson Slides-5

Radeon Software Crimson Slides-4

Radeon Software Crimson Slides-3 Radeon Software Crimson Slides-2

Radeon Software Crimson Slides-1 AMD-Radeon-Software-Crimson Radeon Software Crimson Slides-6

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