On Thursday, the ever-struggling AMD reported its fourth straight quarterly misfortune—at $197 million—putting total losses in the initial nine months of 2015 at $557 million.

In Most Recent 17 years AMD net loss about $8 Billion


In the course of the most recent 17 years, the organization has managed an aggregate net loss of about $8 billion.

As a profit, the organization additionally reported new joint venture with Fujitsu for assembly, testing and packaging of chips.

The Chinese organization has obtained a 85 percent offer in AMD’s two offices in Penang, Malaysia, and Suzhou, China, which will net AMD around $371 million.

The new strategic alliance appears like yet another edgy proceed onward the piece of the chipmaker that once saw itself as a scrappy underdog to Intel.

Back in April 2015, AMD said that it was leaving the high density microserver market, as of now—over three years subsequent to getting SeaMicroin 2012 for $334 million.

What Atiq Raza, the organization’s previous president, CTO, and COO, told Ars over two years ago seems to still remain constant.

“There’s no control on spending—even now, one of the problems is if you take a look at the salary structure,” he said, “[AMD is] a sinking ship, fundamentally.”

Source: Arstechnica