AMD Catalyst Driver Omega 14.12 released yesterday, which introduce new features, improve performance in new games, and solve the identified problems. Along with the Omega – driver, AMD has also released the third-generation of hair effects TressFX 3.0, which is against NVIDIA Hairworks ace hair rendering technology, TressFX 3.0 supports the rendering type more and performance is also better in some aspect.

AMD announced Revolutionary TressFX 3.0: Open source, there is no Black Box

AMD TressFX 3.0
Circulated on the Internet as a TressFX renderings

AMD first introduced TressFX effects in last year’s “Tomb Raider”, we have seen the beautiful black hairs. On APU13 at the end of the General Assembly, AMD also announced TressFX 2.0, which is extended to  support vegetation, fur, etc., and also to enhance the rendering speed.

With the release of the Omega drivers now TressFX 3.0 make its entry into the wild in order to entertain the players from the red team. AMD TressFX 3.0 supports hair, fur rendering, and also provides Maya plug-in for developers.

AMD TressFX 3.0 Features

AMD not released TressFX 3.0 for their use, but also this is now open source, which is more convenient for developers to use and optimized their game with this feature. It is worth noting that AMD mentioned the “black box” operation because AMD and NVIDIA fights were going to Nvidia’s GameWork, as AMD claim that their code is not open source. NVIDIA of course, as always, to defend themselves about Gameworks questions and responded on AMD blame and said that they are saying black-box operation (Code is not Open for Others), but actually it is not, they can go to ask the developer to see if they could see their source development.

As NVIDIA’s gold partner, Ubisoft games in the past two years, they have shown lots of work of Gameworks in their developments.

Finally, the update instructions of view, AMD’s Omega drivers are too sincere, AMD said that a total of more than 20 new features are there to entertain our consumers. Now we have to see that which game development studio give the golden hand to AMD in order to run their TressFX 3.0 to new heights.

Tomb Raider, first game to use TreeFX effects
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