Today, AMD  announced support for Microsoft  innovative graphics application programming interface-DirectX 12. DirectX  is inspiring and driving the PC gaming industry for nearly 20 years, DirectX 12 which is a version of “closest to the console API”. Microsoft Game Developers Conference in session with a keynote speech “DirectX: Microsoft graphics platform evolution,” AMD announced that all uses GCN architecture AMD Radeon graphics Processors will support DirectX 12.

AMD will continue to support DirectX family, and Microsoft DirectX subsequent cooperative research and development of products, continue to enhance the developer and the end-user DirectX experience.

 The award-winning GCN architecture promises full support for DirectX  12

Matt Skynner, vice president, general manager of AMD Graphics Division, said: “AMD believes gamers and game developers can benefit from the low cost of API in development by Microsoft DirectX lets gamers and game developers benefit, for which we will. Full support to ensure the AMD Radeon Graphics processors can bring uncompromising DirectX 12 experience. “

With DirectX 12 game developers provide attractive opportunities to streamline this new language reduces the overhead of API, developers can get the most performance graphics card from PC.

AMD Radeon GPU supports DirectX 12 schedule will be announced at a later date.