As promised before, the multi-GPU support on Microsoft’s API DirectX 12 seems to be working as of now after release of new beta build of DX 12 supported real time strategy game. This features allows graphics processing units from different manufacturers such as AMD and Nvidia working together in a single PC and run several applications with better performance.

AMD and Nvidia GPUs are finally working together due to DirectX 12 Multi-GPU, AMD Leading the benchmarks

Explicit Multi Adapter (EMA) is the mode required for testing GeForce and Radeon powered GPUs together, with the current DX 12 API but most of the developers haven’t opted for this feature as of now, may be due to its high cost. Technically, it’s not been completed and still in the final stages and previews by developers.

Anyhow, new beta for the upcoming DirectX 12 enabled game from Stardock’s real-time strategy game, Ashes of the Singularity shows full support for EMA. And most of the famous hardware freaks at Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, TechSpot and PC Games Hardware tested whether this actually works and the change in performance was also noticeably better.

options screen ashes

Following is the result of benchmarks by PC Games Hardware after the new beta build of the game, testing while two of the fastest cards paired together, Geforce Titan X and Fury X, rest of the specs include;

  • Asus Z170
  • Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.5 GHz,
  • 2 × 8 GB DDR4-2800.

Multi GPU DirectX 12 Ashes of the Singularity PC

Credits: PC Games Hardware

While another benchmark result posted by PC World after successfully testing the feature on Core i7-5960X (8 cores), 32GB of RAM, and Windows 10. Running the game at 2560×1600 while pairing GeForce GTX 980 and Fury X from red camp, he posted;

ashes of the singularity explicit multi gpu mode geforce 980 radeon fury x

Credits: PC World

That’s quite some good frames per second he managed to get it while maximizing the game. Although he paired one $500 gpu and another one of $650 so it would not be good calling it as a fair competition.

Yet most of the results shows that the game performs much better on AMD GPUs as compared with that from green camp. We’ll keep you posted!

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