NVIDIA GeForce GTX suddenly released a Titan Z, has two full GK110 core, 5760 stream processors, 768-bit 12GB GDDR5 memory, 375W thermal design power (to be confirmed), the price reached $ 2,999, Humphreys called a bomb-class graphics product.

AMD Radeon Dual-Core R9 295 Hybrid Cooling is on the Way? 

AMD’s dual-core where is it? It is ready, the Swedish website Nordic Hardware Bao Liu said will be officially released on April 8.

The new ultimate graphics card AMD has identified, named ” Radeon R9 295X2 “, but not exactly the same code, specifications and previous rumors and speculation. I know but cannot tell you, can say the same firepower is very powerful, at least in terms of AMD’s current architecture.

In addition, R9 295X2 will become history’s first hybrid water cooling of the public version of the graphics card (Titan Z is the first public version of the three slots), external water cooling, and two 120 mm fans, the design is somewhat similar to the Asus dual-core card ARES II, and therefore power consumption is quite high.

Ares II : Hybrid cooling
Ares II : Hybrid cooling

The good news is, R9 295X2 in price will be much cheaper than the Titan Z, not so far off the mark, but that is dual-core flagship, after all it is a toy for the enthusiast.

Even with the Titan Z, but had spread GeForce GTX 790 has not been canceled, because Talia is not the same child. In other words, the design of the two dual-core NVIDIA cards, Titan Z as the highest representative image, GTX 790 is similar to the previous “civilian” model.

As for what the GTX 790 looks like, I do not know when to release it, but if there is certainly on the scale than Titan Z down a lot, such as 4608 stream processors,640-bit 10GB memory or something.

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