Today we run into the leak presentation made ​​by a manufacturer of DRAM memory that promotes GDDR5X as an option twice as fast with an access of 64 bits compared to the 32 bits that offers in the GDDR5 which is currently saturated to 7 Gbps, while the memory GDDR5X be able to achieve, in the beginning, 10 to 12 Gbps long-term promising to provide upto 16 Gbps.

AMD and NVIDIA both are thinking to use GDDR5X Memory in Upcoming GPUs 



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Best of all is that the design of the pins are identical, there is no major redesign or electrical changes, so GPU makers just have to conduct R & D to bring them into use.

At first Micron will be the responsible for the mass production of GDDR5X, so it’s touted as a very profitable memory compared with the next generation of High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2). So now both AMD and NVIDIA are mulling the use of GDDR5X memory in GPUs rather than going with HBM2. It seems like Both Graphics cards giants will use a more expensive HBM2 memory for its top-end graphics while GDDR5X will give the almost same high performance at a lower cost for lower models, thus maintaining a strong performance at a competitive price.