AMD has just announced the creation of a joint venture with the support of an electronics giant, Fujitsu. AMD will have 15 percent of it while Fujitsu is left with the remaining 85 percent. With the help of this collaboration, AMD contributes their ATMP facilities in Penang, Malaysia and Suzhou, China, dedicated to the assembly, testing and packaging of chips, along with the  1,700 workers of both factories will become employees of the new entity. AMD will involve $ 371 million in revenue while maintaining its 15% stake.

AMD announced a Joint Venture with Fujitsu  For $371 Million


Undoubtedly, this is good news for AMD, a cash injection that will help them to face the production and launch of its new generation of CPUs AMD Zen with the next generation of graphics cards Arctic Islands with HBM2 memory. Hopefully this investment makes AMD reappear on the chart.

Source: AMD