Home News AMD AM4 will arrive in March for “Excavator” and “Zen” Architecture

AMD AM4 will arrive in March for “Excavator” and “Zen” Architecture


Latest rumors suggest that the new AMD AM4  socket will arrive in March 2016 with a series of motherboards ready for new processors. What makes the socket particularly interesting and important is that it’s a transition point for AMD’s two major CPU architecture generations – “Excavator” and “Zen.”

AMD AM4 Socket will arrive in March for “Excavator” and “Zen” Architecture


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AMD Excavator Processors are an update of the Bulldozer to adapt to the new socket, so we should not expect too much of them, with future AMD Zen processor will take full advantage of the new platform. Of course, traditional processors and APUs will share the same socket, at first.


The first AM4 APUs will be the Bristol Ridge, the successor of Carrizo, with support for memory DDR4-2400, while for embedded computers have the PF4 socket also supports DDR3 memory. This generation of APUs implements the Excavator core with integrated graphics that take their TDP to the 45W-65W, although numbers of core are not known.


At the end of 2016, AMD Zen hit the market, this time with processors of high performance, which feature the company’s next-Gen, performance-focused CPU cores.