AMD will soon offer a new generation of processor to increase the product portfolio of AMD Kaveri A-series APUs – this refers to the model A8-7650K it should entertain the enthusiasts from the less affluent budget.

AMD A8-7650K a new member to the AMD Kaveri family


AMD A8-7650K has four cores clocked at 3.3GHz in standard mode and reach upto 3.7 GHz on turbo boost mode, but if necessary, by a multiplier unlocked, it can be easily accelerated. In addition, it is integrated with Radeon graphics R7 6 execution units (384 stream processors).

Specifications are almost same as the A10-7700K, the main difference comes down to a configurable TDP – a new representative of the series has to offer and the additional functionality, but we do not know the details about it.

The manufacturer, however, praised the potential of the new processor. In most of the tests, it offers performance similar to the model A10-7700K, although some catching up or even more efficient A10-7800 and A10-7850K masthead. It should also be noted that the integrated graphics will allow you to comfortably play the most popular multiplayer games of 2014. It also offers full support for TrueAudio technology and Mantle API

The processor is priced at $105, and so it will be about $24 cheaper than the A10-7700K. We must therefore admit that it will increase the revenue of AMD.


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