AMD’s top Bristol Ridge APU has been tested on the latest AM4 platform (Asus B350 Octopus motherboard) by South Korean Overclocker. . AMD A12-9800 APU makes use of 4 cores based on the Excavator (manufacture @28nm) with previous generation GCN architecture, so the true potential of AM4 socket remains to be seen until early 2017, when new CPUs and APUs will arrive based on the new Zen architecture (14nm FinFET) with Polaris graphics (in the case of APUs).

AMD A12-9800 APU Reaches 4.80 GHz with Asus B350 Octopus AM4 Motherboard



The AMD A12-9800 has four Excavator cores, 2 MB of shared L2 cache with 3.80 GHz core clock and 4.20 GHz turbo boost frequency. The first Overclocking test revealed that it easily managed to reach the 4798.88 MHz @1,325v.

The Overclocking test was done on an unknown motherboard known as Asus Octopus based on AMD B350 chipset. Despite the high Overclocking potential (translates into an increase of 26.29 percent), remember that the APU comes with a TDP of 65W. In terms of OC potential AMD A12-9800 is showing some nice results with reference air cooler from AMD, the AMD Wraith. For now Bristol Ridge on AM4 socket is showing a good picture, but the real issue is that it is currently only available through OEMs. Below you can see the full lineup of Bristol Ridge desktop SKUs.


AMD Bristol Ridge Desktop AM4 SKUs:

SKU Cores Base/Boost Clock GPU CUs GPU SPs GPU Clock Memory TDP
AMD A12-9800 4 3.8/4.2 GHz 8 CUs 512 SPs 1108 MHz DDR4-2400 65W
AMD A12-9800E 4 3.1/3.8 GHz 8 CUs 512 SPs 900 MHz DDR4-2400 35W
AMD A10-9700 4 3.5/3.8 GHz 6 CUs 384 SPs 1029 MHz DDR4-2400 65W
AMD A10-9700E 4 3.0/3.5 GHz 6 CUs 384 SPs 847 MHz DDR4-2400 35W
AMD A8-9600 4 3.1/3.4 GHz 6 CUs 384 SPs 900 MHz DDR4-2400 65W
AMD Athlon X4 950 4 3.5/3.8 GHz N/A N/A N/A DDR4-2400 65W
AMD A6-9500 2 3.5/3.8 GHz 6 CUs 384 SPs 1029 MHz DDR4-2400 65W
AMD A6-9500E 2 3.0/3.4 GHz 4 CUs 256 SPs 800 MHz DDR4-2400 35W
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