It seems that AMD is preparing to launch its promising new ZEN architecture on Jan. 17, making debut with Summit Ridge 8-core CPU. Maxsun, a partner of AMD in China, shared details on its website about this release. The manufacturer has inside information to be the premium partner of AMD to launch high performance motherboard based on the AM4 socket in the region of China with models based on X370 and B350 chipset.

AMD 8-core Zen “Summit Ridge” will launch on January 17


While it was expected that the next-Gen family of AMD processors will be presented during the first week of January to coincide with the CES 2017, but that date is already reserved for the launch of new Intel Kaby Lake CPUs, so the AMD considered delaying the launch to avoid being eclipsed by a monolithic marketing machine managed by Intel, besides allowing it to make the first comparative tests regarding the “new” architecture of Intel, which at the same frequency, only has a 1 percent improvement (Core i5-7600K Vs Core i5-6600K).

The price of processors SR7 (high-end) would be 1500-2000 Yuan in China, equivalent to about $200-300 and it would have equivalent performance to Intel Core i7-6850K equipped with 6 Cores and 12 threads at a frequency Base / Turbo 3.60 / 3.80 GHz frequency, while AMD will offer the option of 8 cores and 16 threads, the most notable difference is obviously price.

AMD Zen is expected that each core will have four integer units, two address generation units and four floating point units, and the decoder can decode four instructions per clock cycle. The L1 cache size is 32 KiB data and the L2 cache size is 512 KiB per core. 2 CCUs = 2x8MB (L3) + 8x512KB (L2) = 20MB.

Below you can see a new and promising ZEN AMD CPU in comparison with Intel i7-6900k running Blender 3D.