AMD’s FX series of High-Performance desktop processors has not been updated for a long time, AMD chips have already pressed on the new X86 architecture by the end of 2015. Now we have this new X86 architecture know very little for now, the only way for AMD is to continue the high-frequency multi-core design and use 14/16nm architecture technology.

AMD has basically abandoned it for two years, whether FX and Opteron Series models are really simple to upgrade, or even change the vest republish, but for a while the chipset have not gain upgrade movement, the advent of the new structure will be implemented by the end of 2015, but the real force until 2016.

AMD 16nm Opteron and FX Processors with Upto 20 Cores are a Possibility in 2016-2017

AMD 2014-2016 Roadmap
AMD 2014-2016 Roadmap

While we still don’t know the exact specifications, but Bitsandchips broke the news that within two years AMD will release the X86 architecture processors which will be equipped with 20 Cores and 14nm architecture or 16nm, technology depending on Samsung / GF or TSMC foundry generation workers, both processes give different technology.

In addition, both the choice 14nm or 16nm process, they will be highly customized according to the needs of AMD, which has been confirmed by the AMD executive Jim Killer.

Two years after the AMD FX processor will come back, of course, the 20-core FX is not necessarily 100% appears in the desktop product line, because the X86 architecture also considers Opteron, Opteron series currently have the highest with 16 cores, so the 20 cores X86 architecture is not too surprising.

In addition, Intel on multi-core X86 has also been progress in the desktop version of Haswell-E this year there will be eight core processor, while Haswell-EP series has appeared 18 cores, the next generation of Skylake-EP series in 2016-2017 will advent 14nm process, the core number will reach at least 20.