AMD on the internet two days ago, before the rally, said that “Core Reloaded” hinted to launch a new core processor. Considering the previous news till 2016 there would not be a new framework, a new processor socket. But AMD is in a mood to take their APUs to the new limits and So now they announced the development of a secret weapon a little too early. AMD subsequently updated an picture on Twitter account about to launch AMD 12 Core A-series processor, which is the APU.

AMD 12 Cores A-Series APU – Twitter Picture Teases

AMD 12 Cores APU

In this picture, AMD issued a list of domineering red truck, which is loaded with 12 robots and on the back door of truck AMD A Series is printed, which is AMD’s APU processor brand name, this is to imply that their upcoming new 12 core APU processor.

From the beginning of the first generation of APUs, AMD’s A-series processor that is up to 4 cores after you upgrade to a modular architecture is actually a quad-core dual-module configuration, if you really have 12 core APU, then have six modules, it sounds a little tempting.

Kaveri APU generation APU has a 12-core computing
AMD Kaveri APU generation APU has a 12-core computing

AMD official hinted 12 “core”, but did not clear it has 12 CPU cores, but starting from the Kaveri APU, AMD quietly changed the definition of Cores:  Kaveri has four CPU cores and eight GPU SIMD array (512 Stream Processors Units) are called AMD computing core, so the Kaveri Generation APU has already 12 compute kernel.

Although we doesn’t completely deny the possibility of 12 CPU core APU processor, but AMD finally launched half rally is likely to be a Kaveri APU’s nothing new, 4 +8 nuclei with A10-7850K is almost higher than A10-7700K and A8-7600.

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