Atari announced that the closed beta for the return of Alone in the Dark series due out on next January 29 for those who have made ​​the pre-purchase on Steam. This new spin-off subtitled Illumination has a similar gameplay style with Left 4 Dead-but in contrast to the third person survival horror adventures of 90. Alone in the Dark: Illumination incorporates for the first time in the series will be available on the online cooperative mode.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination – New Closed Beta will begin on January 29


This study consists of various talents of previous studies, among which is their leader, Jason Brice, who has previously worked in Plastic Piranha, the studio that Rekoil reprehensible. But Brice is aware of the poor reception of your product. According to another developer, Michael Allar, software engineer at Pure FPS, Illumination took to make reference to the wide range of survival horror that is in the current market, particularly the indies- games and decided they did not want to compete with such games.

The protagonist is The Hunter, a descendant of Edward Carnby, the protagonist of the original series, and its armament includes an assault rifle, a machine gun and a flamethrower. The Witch is your companion, granddaughter of Emily Hartwood, also the protagonist of the first game. It has the ability to use magic and accompany it with his revolver. The Priest uses two pistols and religious powers, and finally, The Engineer is an electronics specialist carrying a shotgun.

The game will feature three different campaigns divided into four levels each. The idea is to be replayable, and for this we have implemented some randomness in some of the levels, as in games like PayDay2.

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