Allwinner Technology announced a new ultra cheap quad-core chip for tablets, called the Allwinner A64, that is not just focused around the most recent 64-bit ARM V8 additionally accompanies a low value cost of just $5. The new chip is focused around ARM’s Cortex A53 CPU and backs H.264 and H.265 codecs, 4K featured streaming, and the most recent Android 5.0 OS. In case if Allwinner can produce good associations with OEMs, the chip could represent a danger not simply to other ARM chip producers, for example, Qualcomm or Mediatek, additionally to Intel, which is as yet struggling in the specific field.


Allwinner Presents $5 Cheap 64-bit Mobile Chip, A Danger For Intel And Other Mobile Chip Vendors:

Intel on the other hand planning that if it can get Chinese chip producers, like, Rockchip and Spreadtrum to manufacture less expensively 28nm Atom-based chips, then it can expand Atom’s market share, also unit price later on. But, organizations, like Allwinner that is building low priced and high performance mobile chips, so Intel will be greatly affected.

Allwinner’s $5 Arm V8 chip doesn’t simply put weight on Intel, however. Intel will simply be the one hit the hardest by it, on the grounds that the organization is as of now in a position where it doesn’t make a benefit. Organizations, for example, Mediatek and Qualcomm do make benefits, even at the low-end of the business sector. On the other hand, every one of them will utilize basically the same ARM Cpus in their chips, and there could be OEM clients that will essentially run with the lower-cost variation.

Allwinner’s $5 quad core 64-bit chip can make it possible to produce mid end smartphones in a low price of $50, accompanying Android Lollipop, and offering whooping good performance. It will not just lower the cost of smartphone production, but will also thrust other competitors to lower their prices too.

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