A website named VideoCardz have published specifications of Nvidia’s Next generation Quadro M6000 professional GPU along with Maxwell GM200 GPU. Taking specifications correct, then the GM200 should be a very powerful GPU.

Alleged Specifications Of Nvidia GM200 And Quadro M6000 Leaked Online:

VideoCardz claims that it has GPU Z validation results of Quadro M6000 based on GM200 core. Quadro M6000 will pack 12GB GDDR5 memory, the GPU has 3072 stream processing units, 192 texture units, 96 raster operation pipelines and 384 bit memory bus width. Floating point performance of M6000 is 6.07 TFLOPs in contrast to previous Quadro k6000 is increased by just 0.87 TFLOPs.

Alleged Specifications Of Nvidia GM200 And Quadro M6000 Leaked
There was a rumor in the air that GM200 GPUs will be 30% faster than previous Gen GTX 980, now it seems legit as GM200 features 33 % more stream processor than the GM204 found on the GTX 980, so we can expect 30% performance boost.
As per few reports Nvidia is going to unleash their GM200 beast GPUs somewhere in February or March and most possible these new beast will be on showcase at CES 2015. But it’s interesting to see how production issues impact the release date of GM200.



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