Today, we meet with the leaked controller pictures of the next-Gen console from Nintendo camp, talking about Nintendo NX. The image was apparently provided to Maier by a new source, going by the name Idriss2Dev. Obviously it may be fake, but the first thing that has been done with the image is that it’s run through a special software that highlights aspects of image and reveal whether it has been “photoshopped”, while the image shows evidence of multiple times being saved over, this could be explained by the presence of the large black rectangle and date stamp on the image, but the image has not been rendered.

Nintendo NX Controller Smiles For The Camera


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In the images below you can see that it has two joysticks on either side, while the rest of the surface is equipped with touch-pad. At the top we are looking at what would be two small speakers with a small microphone, which could be a camera or some kind of sensor, and a covered part that leaves out what it could be. Still, you cannot confirm its veracity although the design is largely unchanged from the patent, so we will have to wait if these new controllers are really are at an early stage of for the Nintendo NX.




Via: Destructoid

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