The GTA 6 has been a victim of many rumors of the day when it was officially announced by Rockstar Games earlier this year. Since then, we have heard different kind of stories related to release date, map, gameplay etc.

Alleged GTA 6 Map Has Been Leaked

Recently, stories started developing again on the map of the upcoming GTA 6 and it appears as the concept map of the GTA 6 has been leaked. The map was published on a Foreign forum, but it seems that the post is deleted now. However, we have got the picture of alleged map.

Alleged GTA 6 Map Has Been Leaked

It can be seen that the map is bigger with urban areas and county side as well. Including the town itself , the map implies that players would have the majority of eco-friendly area to go exploring , as well as forests, prolonged beach spotsurban domestic area as well as a mobile fort.

One report suggested that the Rockstar is currently working on a ‘big‘ project secretly. Also one report stated that the GTA 6 will have a feature of choosing between a cop character instead of a criminal.

Following are the top 10 hidden secrets related to the GTA 6:

  1. Neon Kits which allow you to attach neon underglowers to your car.
  2. The vehicles that came out with the DLCs are back and spawn regularly parked or driven by NPCs.
  3. Wearing tinted sunglasses in FP changes the color of vision to the color of the tint. (Helmet visors too)
  4. The game map has a different look in the menu. As if it’s morphing with GTA 5 map. The mini-map edges have been cut to add some minimalistic translucency to it.
  5. It’s official that getting projectile-d out of your car through the windshield in FP is breathtaking.
  6. Protagonists’ phones are given some touches in their designs.
  7. New highway billboards for those who enjoy marketing.
  8. Improved vehicle damage.

Whatever the GTA 6 will be, it can be said that it will be bigger, and more entertaining than ever, full of different features.

Note: This report awaits official confirmation from Rockstar Games.