Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the most popular yet controversial video game publisher till date. Earlier today, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen spoke on multiple subjects during the UBS Global Technology Conference held in San Francisco who had a chance to discuss the development of multiple projects and their methodology.

All EA Games Are Developed for High-End PCs first, Console Cycle Have Become Irrelevant – Says the CFO of EA

Usually, most of the video game developers and publishers try to work the project for the current gen console first and then try to port the game for the PC platform, which often leads to a number of issues related to the game’s performance at he launch that needs to be fixed through updates, most often the day-one patch.

But things appear to be different at EA as they have changed their development cycle a bit. While speaking at the conference earlier today, CFO Jorgensen stated that the company develops all of the titles for the high-end systems first and then go for scaling the development for the consoles.

He believes that the strategy is good for the company as consoles are also getting mid-generation upgrades these days, becoming more like PCs. According to him, mid-generation console upgrades are favorable for the company as they will not have to worry about the game sales on previous hardware when the upgraded console gets released.

These are also beneficial for the developers are they will be freed from the limitations faced while developing for the consoles as well as for the consumers who had to wait around 5 years or more to get an upgraded hardware. He views the mid-generation upgrades as the opening of more opportunities for everyone.

He also affirmed that the company will be making projects that will attract a bigger audience, just like the recent effort of Titanfall 2 which is now available for PS4 Pro also, taking full advantage of new console.

What do you think about this strategy?

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