Value has signed Cooperation agreements with thirteen giant manufacturers of PCs, All the Steam Machines already show at CES 2014. Steam Machines is a new concept in which consumer will take advantage of Console gaming with the Power of PC, Value initiative explains that they are salon computer or you can say equipment which are directly connected with TV and play with it like on the Consoles. Now Thirteen Steam machines are in it, one of them is from Alienware, which is going to launch its first Steam Machine in September.

Among the gamers the Alienware is well known manufacturer of high-end Gaming PC, now they will address to providing of Steam machines and their first Steam Machine will come to the gamers in September of this year. The technical specification of Alienware is still unknown, but if we see all the Steam Machines revealed at CES 2014 are more than $600, and Alienware products are expensive so it will be around $1000-$1500.