Sega has announced the date of the new DLC for their recently released masterpiece Alien Isolation. The DLC will be released on October 28, 2014, under the name of Corporate Lockdown and will include three new maps for Survival Mode.

It will be available for all systems in which the original game was released to a value of $7.99 only. The stars in the executive Seegson, Ransome, who must find the exits in the new Severance, Scorched Earth and Loose Ends maps. In addition, it will have Leaderboards and secondary objectives.

Finally, there is a new game mode named as Gauntlet mode, which forces the player to explore the maps completely avoid being hunted by enemies added.

Sega has also announced that four more DLC packs will arrive between November and March 2015, titled Trauma, Safe Haven, Lost Contact, and The Trigger.  Each includes a new playable character, more maps, game modes and objectives.

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