As reported by Small Screen, sources close to the British site assure that a second installment of the acclaimed survival horror of Alien: Isolation in the first person, released by SEGA and Creative Assembly in 2014 is already in the marking. Disney would be in charge of the whole process, who acquired 21st Century Fox in March of 2019 – and therefore they have the rights to Alien.

According to the source, Alien: Isolation 2 seems to be in a conceptual stage and Disney would have already been looking for a studio to develop it, and it is unlikely that Creative Assembly has been chosen to continue the story of Amanda Ripley. An unspecified studio is said to be already in mind, although its identity is not disclosed.

The alleged insider also claims that Alien: Isolation is just one of several properties being considered for a sequel, with a first draft of the story currently in the works.

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