Although NVIDIA Corporation has not yet decided how to stop the scandal, indicating incorrect specification of GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards, but many of its AIB partners are ready to take back products from dissatisfied users. Including two of the largest online retailers in the UK and Germany.

AIB partners of NVIDIA agree to  take Geforce GTX 970


The problem has been found in recent weeks and then NVIDIA officially confirmed by that the specifications of GeForce GTX 970 are not completely true. Graphics Card is not utilizing more than 3.5 GB of on-board memory at full speed (4K resolution); the number of blocks in the ROPs are also not 64 but only 56 ROPs and about 1.7MB of L2 cache available to it. 

Although the performance of GeForce GTX 970 is quite high, but many users are very disappointed with incorrect specifications advertised NVIDIA. As in many countries, there are very strict laws on advertising, correcting previously declared data entitles users to recover their graphics cards due to the mismatch of the original features. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has not officially made any statements regarding the return or compensation to the owners of GeForce GTX 970, so now all refunds processed by retailers and suppliers of graphics cards.

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Overclockers UK and – two of the leading European online store in the UK and Germany – this week announced that they will take back all the GeForce GTX 970 of all manufacturers from dissatisfied customers until the end of February. What is interesting in that they are supported by many NVIDIA’s AIB partners.

Andrew  Gibson, purchasing manager at Overclockers UK, told in the pages offline OcUK, several manufacturers have agreed to take back the GeForce GTX 970. In particular, EVGA, Inno3D, KFA2 (previously Galax), MicroStar International, Palit and Zotac officially confirmed plans to take the video card back. ASUSTeK Computer has not officially confirmed the intention, but the company has supported in the past and returns with a great degree of probability will support them now. Gigabyte Technology does not agree to make their GeForce GTX 970 back, but can change its decision in sometime.

It is understood that NVIDIA partners have sold hundreds of thousands of GeForce GTX 970’s in recent months. If even a tenth of the GeForce GTX 970 owners decides to return the Graphics card, it will cost dearly to the partners of NVIDIA. Especially hurt it hit companies like EVGA, Inno3D, KFA2 and Palit, who sell exclusively NVIDIA based graphics cards. To avoid potential problems, NVIDIA has to come with a solution. However, unfortunately, so far NVIDIA has not made any statements on the matter.

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