The development studio Volition, creators of the Saints Row series, today announced Agents of Mayhem. New open-world title, which will be in 2017 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Although Agents of Mayhem is part of the universe of Saints Row, but it is a new title with new characters, new gameplay and a new open world.

Agents of Mayhem: New Game From The Creators Of Saints Row

Agents of Mayhem is defined as a third-person shooter in which you play with a team of three Super Agents and you will choose to swap anytime. Each agent has its own style of play, special skills and crossing options. Customize the style of play of each character with artifacts and discover the direct impact they have on the dynamics of your team.

Create your team motley with Super Agents from around the world and directed the epic struggle to save MAYHEM Seoul, a city which is suffering from destructive plans of the LEGION evil organization of Super Villains.

Agents of Mayhem will take place in the near future in the city of Seoul, immersed in full reconstruction after World LEGION attack and still under tight control. In the open Seoul, dense and vertical world, the action takes place on land, on the heights of several buildings under construction and even under the asphalt in the dens and secret hideouts of LEGION.

After LEGION simultaneous attack took place on the planet, Persephone Brimstone founded the MAYHEM: Multinational agency Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds. Formed by highly qualified agents all over the world and all walks of life, and funded by the monied organization Ultor, the MAYHEM acts with impunity to end the global threat posed by LEGION.

LEGION is an organization of supervillains that has emerged from the shadows to perpetrate a coordinated, devastating attack and internationally.With the world at his mercy, the mayor of the LEGION, “Dr. Babylon” and his lieutenants are preparing the next phase of his evil plans in Seoul, the city of tomorrow.

Agents of Mayhem uses a powerful completely new engine created internally by Volition, with all the technical bells and whistles that players expect from this generation of games.




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