Triumph Studios, creators of Age of Wonders and Overlord series, announced the second expansion for Age of Wonders 3 entitled Eternal Lords. With the introduction of Tigran and Frostling races – and the new Necromancer- class players must adapt to a world on the brink of a cataclysmic change. Eternal Lords have new game mechanics, such as the system of government Races, which will allow players to customize the features of the rule of each race to meet its strategic goals, adding more depth to the development of the empire and diplomacy.

Age of Wonders III Eternal Lords

Along with the announcement, the ports for Linux and Mac versions of both the base game and its two expansions were announced. Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords and ports of Linux and Mac are dated for April 14. The expansion will be available via Steam and GOG with a price tag of $20.