The Aerocool Verkho 5 Dark is a budget CPU air cooler. It is a single tower design which has a slim profile as well. The dimension of the cooler is 123x73x156.5mm where 156.5mm is the height of the cooler. The cooler has 48 aluminum fin plates making up the heatsink which are coated in black color. The black color adds much more to the neutral outlook of the cooler and according to the Aerocool, it helps in better heat dissipation. The dimension of the heatsink only is 123x48x156.5mm.

This cooler has 5 copper heat pipes which are also coated in the black color. These are 6mm thick. The cooler is using what Aerocool is referring to as HCTT (Heat Core Touch Technology). This is actually Continuous Direct Contact method in which the heat pipes make a direct contact with the heat source which in our case is the CPU. This method helps in quicker heat dissipation than the mostly used indirect contact method where there is a base plate sitting between the heat pipes and the heat source. The base area measures 39x40mm and the heat pipes don’t have any coating at the base.

The mounting assembly is pre-installed on this cooler. Unfortunately, one of the hooks and its screw was off when the box was opened. Installing the hook was not fully satisfactory as there was a bit of play in the hook when it was screwed. There is no backplate with this cooler. Aerocool has provided two mounting brackets, metal LGA2011 screws, plastic push pins and plastic screw inserts for AMD/Intel non-LGA20XX sockets. These days, companies are investing in a user-friendly mounting hardware which is durable and reliable as well. Unfortunately, I don’t see Aerocool doing the same as using plastic made screws and push pins are easy to break and may not be suitable for multiple installations. I am hoping they would come up with better mounting hardware. The provided thermal paste seems to be an average stuff as we have seen over 5°C difference between the bundled paste and the Noctua NT-H1. Also, the bundled paste is good enough for a single use.

The fan bundled with this cooler is a 120mm one with the Blue LED lighting. While having a lighting fan is a plus, a single color limits the use of the cooler in the themed build. Hence, either a blackout fan without any LED or the RGB LED fan is in order. The fan has 4 LEDs in the central hub. The impellers are transparent so much so the frame itself is translucent and it does look quite dope when the fan lights up. This is a PWM fan as it has a 4-pin cable coming out of the fan’s hub. The cable is flat which is what I personally like. The length of the cable is approximately 277mm. This fan is rated at 5VDC as starting voltage and 12VDC as rated voltage. Its rated current draw is 0.37Amp with power consumption of 4.44W. The speed is rated at 800-2000 RPM. Our sample was doing 1885 RPM max. The air pressure rating is 0.78-1.24mmH₂O. The airflow is rated at 27.2-56.4 CFM. The noise level is rated at 15-27 dBA. The MTBF rating is 60000 hours. The fan is using the Hydraulic bearing.

This cooler is listed at $49.99 at the time of the review. It has performed decent if not better on our test bench. At this price point, I was expecting a better thermal performance than this. Unfortunately, the bundled thermal paste is not good enough and the fan is quite noisy which could shadow any performance gains. Using this cooler with aftermarket thermal paste like Noctua NT-H1 would produce better results.

We are thankful to the Aerocool for providing us the opportunity to review the Verkho 5 Dark CPU air cooler.