We have tested the cooler on the X99 platform using the 2011-3 socket on the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard. Here is the installation mechanism:

  • Place the Intel LGA2011 mounting bracket by aligning the mounting holes on the bracket with the pre-drilled holes around the CPU socket.
  • Keep in mind that there are tabs or catchers only on two sides of this bracket hence decide upon the orientation of the cooler before securing the bracket to the motherboard.
  • Use the Metal screws to secure the mounting bracket to the motherboard.
  • Peel the sticker off the base.
  • Apply the thermal paste on the CPU IHS
  • Place the cooler on the CPU by aligning the hooks on the screw sides of the cooler base with the catchers on the bracket and press both sides down till it the catchers hold the mounting assembly of the cooler.
  • Connect the fan’s power cable to the CPU fan header or any other PWM header of your choice.

This would complete the installation. In case you face difficulty in the installation of the cooler if the catchers are not able to hold the cooler then there is a way around. Don’t follow the above steps rather place the mounting bracket manually on the cooler by aligning the hooks of the cooler with the catchers on the mounting bracket. Once the bracket is secured with the cooler, place it on the motherboard by aligning the mounting holes on the mounting bracket with the pre-drilled holes near the CPU socket area and secure the cooler using the metal screws. Go diagonally for even pressure when installing.

Clearance and Compatibility

The height of this cooler is 156.5mm. Keep that in mind while selecting the PC Chassis. Given the 73mm of a total thickness of the cooler, it bears a slim profile design making it having a good clearance for RAM. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem when installing it on the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition motherboard as going vertical orientation (standard one) the cooler’s edge was touching the heatsink of the motherboard VRM/MOSFET making it impossible to install it in that manner, This is something I was not expecting and I have to experience any such air cooler on my test bench. Hence, I had to install it in the horizontal layout with a fan throwing the air towards the top of the motherboard. This left me no way to check for the actual clearance of this cooler for the DIMM slots and as expected this orientation was blocking the first slot on each bank of the quad-channel DIMM slots.