Closer Look

It is time to take a closer look at this cooler and see what is beneath the surface before moving on to the installation and testing sections. This cooler has a total 48 fins which are black coated which according to the Aerocool helps in better heat dissipation. The cooler has a dimension of 123x73x156.5mm. The weight of the cooler is not mentioned in the specifications and unfortunately, I don’t have a weighing machine to check it at the moment.

Looking at the top, we can see a set of 5 heat pipes is coming out of the top fin plate and terminating here. Each heat pipe is terminated in a pointy design on one end while it is rounded on the other end. Even the heat pipes are black coated. Surprisingly, there is no branding on the top which is giving the hint of cost-cutting, where possible to bring out the best possible value product. Only the testing will confirm how much of a value we are talking about. The dimension of a fin plate is 123x48mm where 123mm is the length of the plate and 48mm is the width of the fin plate. This overall dimension of the heatsink itself is 123x48x156.6mm which makes it a slim profile design to fit on any motherboard and chassis but keep in mind the 156.6mm height while buying the cooler and the chassis for compatibility.

The cooler has identical front and back side design on the heatsink. The coating is evenly applied to the heatsink and I did not observe any sign of dimming or missing out of the coating. Even a bit of scratching the surface did not result in wear and tear. The heatsink does not have a flat surface rather a wave format where each wave has a varying length which is increasing when going towards the middle from both sides. There is no fin joint assembly on the front or the back side of the heatsink. Another observation is the stepped design of the heatsink. The top 38 fin plates are in full length which is 123mm whereas the bottom 10 fin plates have a length of 89mm with a height of 26mm. I am not sure why they took this design. The only hint is the pre-mounted screws top on the base which runs in parallel to the bottom two fins. Maybe cutting out more fins on the bottom in a particular design might have increased production cost but I am not sure. Anyhow, we are not taking out significant surface area here to produce any glaring thermal results.

The top 38 fins have a total length of 88mm. The heat pipes are made of the copper material but in a black coating. The heat pipes are going through the heatsink in a design of two columns per side with three pipes in the first column and two in the second column. There is not much of a gap between both columns. This design while looks good, is not covering the entire heatsink surface effectively. The heat pipes are each of 6mm thick.

The left and right sides of the heatsink are identical. The outermost fin trails have jointed assembly on them. The middle portion has more depth to it which is understandable as it gives a way to access the pre-installed screws on the mounting assembly at the base. There are insets or cutouts in an angular manner on both sides which are used to catch the metallic fan clips. The dimension of the heatsink from this side only is 48x114mm.

Let’s take a look at the base of the cooler. There is a transparent sticker pasted on the base warning the user to peel it off before installation. The dimension of the base is 39x40mm. The base is made of the copper. This cooler is using the Continuous Direct Contact method. In this design, the heat pipes at the base make a direct contact with the heat source which in our case is CPU. The sides of the heat pipes making direct contact are not coated which makes sense and should have been like that. Why I said continuous? It is because there is a non-continuous direct contact method as well in which there is a gap between each heat pipe. Aerocool is referring it as HCTT (Heat Core Touch Technology). The mounting assembly is already on the cooler in the silver color. The two screws are not there to screw anything to the rest of the assembly hardware rather it is securing the mounting bars on to the rest of the frame. Unfortunately, one of the screw and its mounting came off when I unboxed the cooler. I am sure shipping could not have unscrewed the mounting bar! The frame is secured on the top of the base.

Aerocool has provided a 120mm fan with a blue LED on it. The dimension of the fan is 120x120x25mm. It comes pre-installed on the heatsink and can be taken off by removing the metal clips. The fan has 9 impellers which are transparent to better diffuse the lighting coming from the center of the fan. There are 4 Blue LEDs in the main hub. The diameter of the hub is 40mm which is understandable as it has to accommodate the LEDs in it. There is a black color sticker pasted on the hub with the Aerocool brand name and logo printed on it. Each impeller has three raised surfaces which help reduces the drag and better direct the airflow through the trailing edges.

This is a PWM fan as it has a 4-pin cable coming out of the fan’s hub. The cable is flat which is what I personally like. The length of the cable is approximately 277mm. This fan is rated at 5VDC as starting voltage and 12VDC as rated voltage. Its rated current draw is 0.37Amp with power consumption of 4.44W. The speed is rated at 800-2000 RPM. Our sample was doing 1885 RPM max. The air pressure rating is 0.78-1.24mmH₂O. The airflow is rated at 27.2-56.4 CFM. The noise level is rated at 15-27 dBA. The MTBF rating is 60000 hours. The fan is using the Hydraulic bearing.

Looking at the backside of the fan, there is no sticker of any sort on the hub rather a solid surface. This is my first time looking at such a design. There are 5 arms which are designed in a curved manner. One of the arms has more width to it so as to make way for the cable routing. Each of these arms has 4 triangular surfaces near the fan’s hub which seems to be complementing the raised surfaces on the trailing edges on the impellers.

Looking at the frame of the fan closely would reveal that it is translucent. When it is powered up, the overall lighting effect makes one heck of a dope view. There is no arrow indicator on any side to show the direction of the impeller movement and airflow. There are light blue color anti-vibration pads on the corners. There is a small hole on the main frame facing the fan mounting hole on each edge. If you are wondering why it is there, it is because the metal clips if mounted on the standard mounting holes on each corner would crack the rubber pads due to the stress coming from the metal clip when installed with the heatsink. Aerocool has come up with this design to overcome that issue. Use can still mount the clips to the standard mounting holes though. There is a distance of 110mm between any two mounting holes on this fan. There is approximately 99mm of a gap between the inner mounting holes.