Aerocool Advanced Technologies announced the launch of its AeroCool Dream Box, a pretty yellow box that hides inside no less than 118 parts with which you can build one of the three PC related chassis models straight out of the box, but we can always use imagination to make any changes.

AeroCool Dream Box DIY Kit: Build your own chassis

The basic kit includes several components, including aluminum pipes, various connectors with different mounting brackets, C-rings for other connections as well as PC-related parts, such as the tray to mount the motherboard parts, tray source supply and a panel I / O. The AeroCool Dream Box can also be used for assembling tables, lamps, cup holders or even all kinds of toys and useful apparatus. For more bungling ambitious, you can combine multiple kits to achieve the desired objective.

Each box is accompanied by a manual, also a video tutorial on the official website along with the ability to purchase additional parts. If you are a handyman, and you flush with cash, each Aerocool Dream Box  will be available in stores from today at a price around USD$149,90. Users are invited to post their builds on the Aerocool’s Facebook page, which then can be shared with others as a blue-print.


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