Those who have made buying Act Of Aggression on Steam, and can enjoy third faction in the closed multiplayer beta of the new RTS Eugen System (Act of War, Wargame, RUSE).

Act Of Aggression – New update adds the Cartel faction; Gamescom 2015 Trailer


The poster is a Private Military Company with the latest in stealth technology and prototypes. Its base has an aluminum consumer (one of the primary resources), but not both units and depending on money to expand its military operations. With a sleek black design, prototype units and infantry will be those that conform much of your army, may make them invisible through the military branch Private (the legal branch) and the skill trees Black Ops.
Today’s update also It will include an improved zoom, something that many players were calling function. We can ward off the battlefield in 30-40% more for greater visibility of the same. It has also implemented a dedicated button for the Satellite so that players do not lose any battle. Finally, the update adds three new maps (one and two 2v2 1v1) by adding the new free-for-all mode.

Act Of Aggression will be released September 2 via Steam.  Those who have pre-order the game can access to the multiplayer beta.