Eugen Systems has released a new trailer for the army of the United States, one of three playable factions of this new strategy game in real time which promises to trace PC gamers to the RTS classic 90s gameplay.

The US military is a force of veterans have the advantage of specialized units, some of which are the most powerful of the game. What they lack in versatility offset by brute force, especially when it comes M1A1 Abrams tanks Tusk.


Acclimating in 2020 and having three factions, Act of Aggression promises an ideal mix of political intrigue, high-fidelity graphics thanks to its new graphic-engine and gameplay old-school. You will have all the classic RTS aspects of that era, such as base building, resource management, production units, and dynamic and immersive battles production values ​​combined with high fidelity and intelligent modernization.

For those who do not remember, Eugen Systems are recognized by the WarGame saga, and they have presented other titles with the same flavor like Act of War and RUSE No doubt very promising.

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