Acer has revealed that its shipments of gaming monitors increased by 103 percent during the first half of 2017 compared to the same period of last year, which contributed to a 50 percent increase in revenues, mainly thanks to the launch of gaming models according to Victor Chien, general manager of Acer Display. The company is expecting similar growth during the second half of the year.


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Chien said that Acer’s old strategy was to focus on launching high-end models with high prices, but in the first half of 2017, Acer began to expand into the mid-range segment and launched standard models. Because of the new strategy, Acer’s annual revenue growth is expected to be weaker than unit shipments by 2017.

Acer has recently released its 35 ” Acer Predator X35 gaming monitor in a 21: 9 format for the second half of 2017, and also plans to launch new mid-range models for the later period. Chien Also noted that consumers in the United States and Europe focus strong demand for high-end gaming monitors, but China’s consumers are more price oriented and therefore the demand for gaming monitors is not as high. Due to fierce competition in 2016, several of China’s Internet cafes operators ended their operations, selling their used monitors at very low prices. This caused the demand for new monitors to fall.

Despite the general downturn in the monitor market, Acer still expects to ship around eight million monitors in 2017, roughly the same level as in 2016. Acer shipped 150,000 gaming monitors in 2016 and the volume is expected to double to 300,000 units in 2017 and can grow even more in 2018.

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