We rounded up few tech accessories that would improve your experience with you next gen gaming beast, the PlayStation 4

 Since the next gen became this gen, it’s time to buy some cool companion for you latest gen console to conquer every game with easy and style. We made a list of some cool accessories which would make your gameplay even more immersive and hassle free, PS4 is one of the next-gen turned this gen consoles other one being Xbox One from Microsoft, PS4 sports superfast hardware which indeed make it this gen and easily handles all the latest games at 1080p resolutions without any hitch. Sony opted to go for AMD embedded chipsets and they chose 8 Core Jaguar chipset that is based on Richland CPU micro-architecture and features a GCN GPU core with humongous 8GB GDDR5 Video RAM. For these reasons PS4 broke records of console sale and gained tremendous appraise from tech experts and Sony did gained a lot from PS4’s commercial success.

Mad Catz TRITTON® Kunai™ Wireless Headset (Price $99.99)


Mad Catz Tritton Kunai
Mad Catz Tritton Kunai

This piece of tech does deserve a honorable mention which delivers awesome audio quality and timbre in games, watching movies or listening to music. Being over the ear with comfortable and acoustic padding this headset delivers awesome bass as well .This pair of headsets looks good and performs every time.

Crucial M500 2.5” 480GB SSD (Price: $299.99)

Crucial M500 SSD
Crucial M500 SSD

PlayStation 4 comes with a 500GB Mechanical HDD that lets you store music, videos and photos and 500GB is ample space for your media and game’s install files but since after the invention of large Sold State Drives used for storage, normal HDDs look like turtle’s while the SSDs zoom past them like a cheetah. But that speed comes at a price, a modest 500GB SSD comes at no less than $300.00 and Crucial M500 is considered one of the best SSDs meant for gaming. Unleashing full potential of PS4’s high-tech hardware to reduce load times and perform blazing fast in accessing data.

 ORB 3M Controller Charger cable (Price: $10.66)

ORB's 3 meter long charger cable
ORB’s 3 meter long charger cable

One of our recommended accessory has to be the inexpensive controller charger cable from ORB which is of more than adequate length compared to the one shipped in the box. It is of 3 meters in length and lets you play while charging the controller.

Another Dualshock 4 wireless controller (Price: $59.99)

Extra DualShock4
Extra DualShock4

Sony does bundle up the PS4 with a HDMI cable, power cord, USB cable and some essentials but the package only comes with a single Dualshock4 wireless controller, so it’s better to buy another pair in case a friend or someone else decides to play with you sitting on the couch.

 LETECK Vertical stand for PS4 (Price=$19.99)

The vertical stand from LETECK helps in saving space and orienting the PS4 just like the good old PS3
The vertical stand from LETECK helps in saving space and orienting the PS4 just like the good old PS3

This little accessory lets you orient the PS4 vertically just like the last gen beast PS3, the package comprises of 2 plastic pieces that conjunct together to make a sturdy stand for you PS4. Making your console’s orientation vertical does help in saving space.

 Rocketfish™ Gamer pack for PS4 (Price=$79.99)

The comfy RocketFish backpack let's you carry your PS4 with ease
The comfy RocketFish backpack let’s you carry your PS4 with ease

The dimensions and weight (6 pounds) make PS4 unfavorable to carry but Rocketfish™ made a backpack especially for PS4 sporting the logo and some features like soft fabric lining to prevent the glossy finish of PS4 to get dirty scratches and accommodate all of the essential accessories to make your this gen console ready to roll on the go.

 PS4 charger base by Nyko (Price: $29.99)

dualShock4 charger base from Nyko
DualShock4 charger base from Nyko

Although the Dualshock 4 can be charged using the USB cable but if you have 2 of them and want them to charge together to save time then this little piece of tech comes in handy, Nyko charger base for PS4 avoids the fuss of using the USB cable to charge your controller.


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