If you need to power through a significant measure of content on the go, then the Textblade could be the answer. It’s decent with both iOS and Android gadgets, so you can match it with pretty much anything, and a special multi-touch framework permits a few letters to have the same key. The space bar pairs as a method for getting to unique characters and if the demo feature is to be trusted, its conceivable to get up very much a head of steam with a tad bit of practice.

Waytools says your fingers are just somewhat more confined than they would be on a standard keyboards — and this one is much simpler to bear close by your cell phone. Battery life is useful for around a month and you can energize the keyboard by means of USB.

“TextBlade is an entirely new class of device that delivers professional-grade, familiar touch typing to any platform — from iPhones to iPads to Android — without compromising the size or feel of the tablet,” cites Mark Knighton, the WayTools CEO.

In case you’re keen on adding a Textblade to a list of your mobile accessory, then it is on its way and Waytools is planning to get the first gadgets dispatched in upcoming month.
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