The Meteorite 2011 UW-158, discovered by the Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico) and is composed of platinum and other precious materials, will pass close to Earth this Sunday, July 19th.

The Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico) has discovered the approach of asteroid 2011 UW-158, which is made ​​up of high-quality materials such as platinum would have a cost that around 5,400 million dollars. This estimate was performed by astronomers studying the object size is about 457 meters wide and its general composition using spectrometers for measuring light intensity of an object.

A Meteorite Worth 5,400 Million Dollars Worth Approaching To The Earth


At its closest approach to Earth, the asteroid will be a distance of 2,414,016 kilometers,  about 6 times the distance between the Moon and our planet, so sadly normal eye cannot see it.

The online Slooh observatory will use its team of telescopes in the Canary Islands to detect the asteroid and transmit their flight online. The transmission starts at 18.00 on Sunday.

Although asteroid mining is a future goal of space exploration, yet technology is designed to dig meteorites.

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