A fresh bug is discovered in iOS reportedly leads to the Messages app to continually crash while a certain text is got in an incoming message. In case the phone is locked while the ‘offending’ message is received, the iPhone apparently reboots without notice.

According to 9to5mac, which initially reported the bug, the issue is restricted to iPhone to iPhone communication, which means that the client who sends the malicious message must be using an iPhone. Although, the report would not use the word iMessage anywhere, which means that the issue can happen over regular text messages too. The report would not specify if the bug is restricted to particular iOS versions and/ or iPhone variants.

The publication failed to share the exact text which causes the crash for noticeable reasons, but said the text is “so specific, a lot of people should not accidentally experience the crashing.” The report goes on to insist that if you have experienced the crash, you have probably been targeted by somebody who clearly is not a well-wisher.

As the report notes, a basic Twitter search spots to several clients who have been influenced by – or at least discovered – the issue recently. According to the workaround 9to5Mac has recommended, it appears that the app crashes only after you get the latest message which includes the offending text, in case you get some other message thereafter, the Messages app must open properly.

If you have been affected, rather than waiting for somebody else to send you a message, it is possible to send one to oneself through Siri, the share sheet, or from your Mac. Apple has not commented on the issue yet however, one hopes a solution for this bug is arriving soon.

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