The human voice can reveal much more than it seems. Now, with the help of a computer program can predict whether a marriage is deteriorating and may end in divorce, reports ‘ The Wall Street Journal ‘.

Will it be the end with your partner? This computer can predict


The software with lots of question is capable of analyzing the conversations, gestures and word choice of couples and identify different feelings in their voices.

To create it, researchers at the Universities of Utah and California, USA, explained in their investigation report that for more than a decade worked with 134 married couples frustrated by the “chronic problems” of their relations.

The study focused on three phases of therapy sessions: one before therapy began, another 26 weeks after therapy and, finally, one last meeting two years after treatment. Scientists examined and collected 74 acoustic characteristics of speech, to be included in the software, allowed to predict 78% of divorces in couples compared to 76% achieved by psychotherapists.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Baucom, said that the results show more effective than current treatment methods for detecting problems in couples.

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