On the off chance that you need a cell phone to match your extravagant way of life, you can’t make due with the same old iPhone as others. You need something novel to show off exactly how extraordinary you are. That is the place the 88 Tauri from Tonino Lamborghini comes in. Just 1,947 of these Android cell phones will be made, so you can make sure you won’t run into somebody in the city with the same 88 Tauri. Furthermore, yes, it does cost $6,000, yet it ups your manliness. It’s genuine leather makes it more wow.

88 Tauri

Those inspired by getting the 88 Tauri ought to be mindful that, regardless of the boiling over bull logo and typeface, Tonino Lamborghini is not the same as the supercar organization. The 88 Tauri designer brand is named after the Ferruccio Lamborghini.

88 Tauri Specifications:

Display: 5 Inches Full HD 1920×1080

Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 801


OS: Android

Internal Storage: 32 GB

Well, yeah indeed it is a super luxurious smartphone, but the specs are not that much more luxurious so if you are going for the look and lux then the best choice for you. Some people used to say this phone is shit. Well, one simply affording a Lambo can afford this super extravagant  88 Tauri too.

Source: Hi-Tech-Mail Russia


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