For the Next generation of storage technology, people may not only want it faster, lower latency, but also want that non-volatile data is not lost after a power failure. In many subsequent standards, MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) is the most promising to win. With the two above-mentioned advantages. CEATEC in Japan, TDK introduces the STT-MRAM technology manufactured with only 8Mb memory, although the capacity is small, but the flash read and write performance is already seven times more than the previous Flash Memory candies.

TDK demonstrates World’s fastest MRAM Memory


We can say that MRAM is the strongest voice of next generation non-volatile memory. MRAM technical analysis, there are lots of giants are making those chips, including Intel, IBM, Samsung, SK Hynix, Qualcomm, but the Japanese company Toshiba and TDK both are leading in this field. TDK first time opens the MRAM wafers in Japan Ceatec Fair, as well as an actual performance demonstration.

The TDK’s MRAM technology is based on STT (Spin-transfer torque, the conversion from the knob), technical solutions had before, but TDK study a new method, which stores data to magnetic charge, the data state through the STT effect name in the writing You can take this constraint electronic access to the data field strength changes. TDK also do the performance comparison STT MRAM and flash, the left is that they developed an STT-MRAM platform to the right of the NOR flash memory, MRAM performance is seven times the NOR flash memory.


Currently MRAM technology is still in the research and development phase. In MRAM fields, the main rival of the TDK is the Everspin from US. Two years ago, they have also introduced an ST MRAM chip and is having a  capacity of 16Mb, read and write performance was also very alarming.

However, the current MRAM technology is still in a growing process. The advantages are good, but the technology is still not mature.

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