The Next iPhone internal provisionally named as iPhone Air, implement the body of an aircraft, a quit thick body.

Next Generation iPhone 6 news is nowadays in the air, the next iPhone internal provisionally named as iPhone Air and now the latest news from various networks are going to confirm  that the body shape of the new iPhone is familiar to the previous iPhone 5s. The thickness of Next Generation iPhone is approximately  6mm and the body weight has been increased as compared to the previous iPhone 5s.

Apple iPhone 6 only 6mm thick
Apple iPhone 6 only 6mm thick


iPhone 6 With 4.7 inches touch screen

In the additional information related to the Next Generation iPhone 6 is that the screen size would be 4.7 or 5.0 inches but now the latest network news show that the screen size of iPhone 6 would be of 4.7inches touch screen, there is still a certain degree of credibility.

It’s still not confirmed that the Next Generation iPhone 6 will be named as iPhone air or whatever it will be named but if we see the circle of iPhone release, this year the official release will be in September.

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