At CES 2014, Nvidia Unveils the World’s Fastest GPU to Mobile Computing, NVIDIA  Tegra K1, a 192-Core Super Chip. The Processor is divided into two versions, First version will be equipped with Quad-Core Cortex-A15 architecture, and the other version is Nvidia Self-Developed flavor Nvidia Dual-Core 64-Bit Denver architecture, additionally both are based on a Kepler GPU architecture with 192-super Cores.

The Quad-Core of Tegra K1 scores more than 43,000 of the brutal run of back-end database to make it Rongdeng A Bunny top position. Then what about the Dual-Core version of Tegra K1? 64-bit architecture will be more to force it? Today Tutu gives us the answers.

Bunny database collected the dozen of data and upload the results, these results are based on the ran of Dual-Core processor. After several checks bunny found that this processor instructions are set to ARMv8 instructions, a 64-bit processor, but if nothing else, it is the 64 pairs of the core version of the Tegra K1 processor.

The project is equipped with a 1080p resolution display, 2Gb Ram and 32Gb storage, the system is running 4.4.2 version of Android. Maximum CPU frequency up to 3GHz, which previously announced and maximum 2.5GHz NVIDIA have some access. An NVIDIA Bunny guess this is the machine for debugging in the project with a high frequency state, the future of the official version of the frequency may decline. If we talk about GPU, they are using NVIDIA Tegra, supports OpenGL ES3.1 standard, which is really unique to the mobile GPU.

64-bit version of Nvidia Tegra K1 first run of exposure

In terms of performance, the dual-core version of Tegra K1 is entirely spike beings rhythm, its total score of up to 43,617, and previous exposure quad-core version of Tegrathe K1 tablet flat. As Xiaolong 800 Exynos 5 Octa and Apple products A7 are far behind.

AnTuTu benchmark of 64-bit version of Nvidia Tegra K1 Dual-Core Chip
AnTuTu benchmark of 64-bit version of Nvidia Tegra K1 Dual-Core Chip

Careful analysis of the results, the dual-core products in terms of CPU floating point and integer CPU natural disadvantage, but with the new 64-bit instruction set architecture, through other ways to make up for the disadvantages of the number of cores, its RAM at an alarming rate and increase operational aspects, multi-tasking, the efficiency of the virtual machine is also very powerful.

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