Gaming is not about you installed a game take some fun and forget, there are lots good titles who spray their presence in your mind for a very long or for a lifetime. For those memorable titles Game Character plays a major role, apart from the protagonist  there is always your buddy or guider with you of any particular good title of your taste. Well, every one has its own taste and likes, but a list of 5 video game Characters that should be appearing in next-Gen consoles will surly parallel with your likeness. Enjoy the show!

5. Dr. Chakwas – Mass Effect

Dr. Chakwas – Mass Effect

I hope you still remember the story of this game, especially the ending.  Many fans of the Mass Effect series are also waiting for the 4 release. This is a Bio Ware game. If I can’t make out with a character just before the climactic final mission, can I even be certain it exists? Dr. Chakwas, is left all alone in her little sick bay night after night.

4. Joker – Mass Effect

Joker – Mass Effect

“I’m not good. I’m not even great. I’m the best damn helmsman in the Alliance fleet.” The best flight pilot of the SSV Normandy also the confident guy. In every dialogue of this guy in the third release of Mass effect spread a good waves around you, at which point he already has his sights set on EDI’s new metallic form.

3. Varric Tethras – Dragon Age


For me this guy is the best-adjusted character in the whole series. A guy with short-cut shirt and always equipped with heavy weapons. Once he gets too old for the adventuring game he can always retire to run the family business.

2. Elizabeth – BioShock Infinite


The best match of this game, it’s still really hard to understand that developer has not included her in the first two released of the game. If only Irrational devoted fewer resources to endless gunfights and more romance!

1. Lance Vance – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


It’s time for the ‘Lance Vance Dance!’“Just heard the name of Lance Vance and old memories starts raining in your mind. He is a self-hating coke fanatic who watches himself from the outside world with a paper-thin veneer of vanity. A guy who always with you, to entertain you how to deal with the criminals. Lance is a cocaine dealer who worked in the cocaine trade with his older brother, Victor Vance (the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories).