The era of slot machines that are based on more than pure luck is well and truly here, with a cutting-edge class of machines that introduce elements of skill to proceedings.

It has got to the point that it is possible to participate in slot tournaments, elevating this pastime to the same level as other top tier esports.

Once you have answered the question of what are skill based slot machines, you can start to think about getting involved in this burgeoning scene yourself. If you do get a taste for slots that require skill as well as good RNG, how can you maximise your chances of success if you take part in a slot tournament? The following hints should help you out.

Practice makes perfect

It may seem obvious, but unless you are well acquainted with the specific skill based titles that will feature in the slot tournament you are entering, you will not be as well equipped to take on better-prepared competitors.

The good news is that you do not need to plough vast amounts of cash into these games as part of your practice sessions, because every modern slot will have a free play demo mode available. This will allow you to spin again and again without risking any money in the process, allowing you to get through to the portions of the game where your skill will become relevant.

Decision-making is key

One important aspect of slots that feature bonus games where your reflexes and other non-luck-based skills are brought into the action is that there may be an alternative path presented at this point which is worth taking instead.

For example, certain titles will give players the option to pick between indulging in the bonus round or instead nabbing a set number of free spins instead.

The reason that this decision is so significant is that slot tournaments are not determined on the outcome of the skill-based extra features themselves. Instead it is the player who has won the most cash at the end of their time with the machine that will walk away victorious.

From a strategic standpoint, it might therefore be more prudent to nab the free spins rather than starting up the bonus game, depending on the circumstances. If you are short on time, for example, spinning the reels and hoping to get lucky may be a better tactic than investing the last few minutes or seconds on the skill game.

Dietary choices impact performance

video game injuries

It is a widely known fact that what you eat and drink will determine how well you are able to perform in a given situation. When participating in a slot tournament, you obviously want to be on the top of your game, and your diet has a role to play here.

While it might be tempting to fuel up on caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks to give you that quick energy you need to focus, in reality studies have shown that caffeine is not conducive to better outcomes across a variety of tasks.

You will be better able to concentrate and thrive in a slot tournament setting if you eat healthily and stick to drinking water where possible. That is not to say that you should completely cut stimulants out of your routine, but rather that you should make sure you do not overload yourself on unsuitable substances in the hope of getting the edge over the competition.

Warming up is worthwhile

Just as you should aim to prepare over the course of the months and weeks leading up to a slot tournament, it is also sensible to get your eye in on the day itself.

It is possible to over-prepare of course, so do not go too hard in the hours before the event kicks off. Simply spin the reels and play the skill-based bonus games in the slots you expect to encounter sparingly, and you will be well warmed-up when the chips are down.

Randomness is still a factor

No matter how much you have managed to master skill-based slots before a tournament, you also need to acknowledge and accept that randomness is an unavoidable aspect of this or indeed any other game-playing context.

Being at peace with the thought that you could easily lose if the reels do not land in your favour will allow you to approach this whole experience with a level head, rather than becoming disillusioned if the outcome is anything less than ideal.


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