We have seen numerous smartphones in 2014, few of them got the height of success while some are considered as major flops. Here we have a list completely reflecting the 5 flop smartphones of 2014.

Let the countdown begin.

5. FireFox OS Phones:

FireFox OS phones made it debut with the co-operation of several brands like Alcatel etc. There availability is also highly restricted. The phone comes at a very low cost, but at low cost you have to sacrifice performance totally.  The underwhelming hardware performance and serious software optimization issues left users frustrated and even basic tasks such as making and receiving calls and sending messages are even considered a pain.


4. Black Berry Passport:

Black Berry Passport was an alternate endeavor by Blackberry to get back into the retribution as the creator of premium, productivity-centered specialized gadgets. Anyway, because of its unbalanced shape and high cost, the phone neglected to get much attraction of users. The keyboard takes a great deal of time to get used to and still doesn’t offer a liquid and quick writing platform that Blackberry smartphones were known for.

The half Android applications support likewise did not help either. The organization attempted its best to pitch it as a productivity centered gadget, but Android and iOS offer better apps and people are abandoning physical keyboards now a days.

3. Amazon Fire Phone:

Amazon’s Fire phone introduction is among the greatest tech flops of all times. Like other Amazon items, Fire smartphone is a portal to the organization’s digital store and offers features that empower them to shop all the more consistently. It even brags of gimmicks, including Dynamic Perspective that uses five cams to the track clients’ eyes and explore the interface by tilting the smartphone.

It additionally accompanies one-touch access to customer service plus unlimited cloud storage. Sadly, the smartphone’s $650 cost is too high, Amazon had to slash the cost to clear up all inventory. The Amazon Fire OS v3.5 which offers way less apps compared to other smartphone OS it is the major reason why people disapprove this phone.

2. LG G3:

LG’s 2014 flagship i.e. LG G3 couldn’t generally achieve the statures that its predecessor LG G2 attained to. The smartphone’s major gimmick is its QHD (2560×1440) Resolution, was also the explanation behind the issues that clients who purchased the LG G3, faced.

It was being fueled by a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM, still was unable to look after the needs of performance of the LG G3 at the resolution of 2K resulting in lag and stutter. Battery life was also meh compared to the LG G2. Although LG G3 packed a QHD or 2K screen still the contrast was not better than many 1080p screens.


1. Samsung Galaxy S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 was a fail comparing it with previous smartphone from the Galaxy S series. According to official Samsung report the Galaxy S5 is behind by 4 Million is sales than previous flagship Galaxy S4. It’s not all about sales, but also the flaws it has. Initially the Galaxy S5 Verizon version faced a fatal camera flaw, Samsung and even Verizon confirmed it, the problem was so serious that Verizon also offered to replace smartphones of clients.

5 Flop Smartphones Of 2014

If this is not enough, then you must know that Samsung offered a fingerprint sensor in its flagship which was also full of flaws, it was hacked, tricked and sometimes failed to authenticate.

Note: Well iPhone 6 plus isn’t mentioned in our list despite of fragile body, it bests every phone on the market right now. So no Fanboyism.

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