The iPhone is the invention of the century in many ways. As its OS is a tough nut, most of the people prefer using an iPhone just because they don’t want anyone to let anyone know about their whereabouts.

But, this no longer holds gravity at present as we have some cut-above technology that can break into an iPhone’s secure OS and lets you track an iPhone secretly and discreetly. 

Hard to believe? It is, but when you will read the whole article and reach the end, you will admit that technology can make anything possible.

#1 – Spyier

Spyier is that location tracking app that has made most of the advanced technology and comes up with a solution that can easily barge into the secure OS of iPhone, fetch the details for you, and keeps you updated about every move.

All of this happens without:

  • Touching the targeted iPhone
  • Jailbreak the OS
  • Exposing your crucial data to the outer cyber world
  • Making things complicated

Whoa! That was mind-blowing. Wasn’t it? If you find it hard to believe in our words then this Spyier view post will surely help you understand its capabilities. 

By the time you will finish reading this, millions across the world have already used Spyier and track an iPhone comprehensively. 

The way Spyier has managed to track an iPhone by number online free from any hassles and qualms, many leading world media houses have to recognize it and applaud it. It has to happen as, before Spyier came into limelight, iPhone tracking was a tough nut to crack. 

Spectacular Spyier and its features 

When Spyier decided to come up with a comprehensive iPhone tracking app, many stumbling blocks tried to crash its motive to the ground. Some of the key ones were:

  • How to make iPhone tracking easy
  • How to offer a technology that doesn’t involve targeted OS
  • How to track an iPhone without letting anyone know about it
  • How to make it affordable

We take huge pride to say that Spyier has managed to resolve all these issues and get succeed to become the # 1 iPhone tracking app in 2020 and beyond.

All these issues were resolved by offering a web-based interface that can be operated using any device/browser. No download/installation is involved. The only thing that you need to get started with it is the valid iCloud credentials.

All the data is rendered directly on your dashboard. The targeted iPhone has no role to play. So, iPhone tracking with Spyier is easy, discreet, and doesn’t create any hassles for you.

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, Spyier is a clear winner at this front as well. 

Without asking for any added hardware/software, it reduces the operational cost by great means. You can track around 35 phone activities using Spyier at the cost of $10 per month which is way too affordable.

Are you worried about the data’s reliability?

Then, we must say you need not to as Spyier’s data has no match in terms of reliability. All of the data is captured in real-time. The timestamps attached to it is the biggest proof.

#2 – Minspy

Gone those days when people used to swear by the secure OS of the iPhone. 

If you have feature-rich and comprehensive iPhone tracking apps like Minspy then there is nothing that you can’t do. Starting from location to the web history, Minspy will track every movement without letting the targeted know about it.

iPhone tracking with a difference

If you want to use Minspy to find out the location of the targeted iPhone then be ready to find every minute detail. Starting from GPS coordinates to Wi-Fi-based location, Minspy will make every detail readily available to you.

#3 – Spyine

If iPhone tracking is risk-free and discreet in 2020 it’s all because of the jailbreak technology that Spyine uses. Its inventive technology is free from glitches and allows you to track every movement of the targeted iPhone without creating any troubles for you or your loved ones.

Eliminating all the hassles from your path

Tracking an iPhone is not an easy job. But Spyine has made it easy by offering you a 100% secure and web-based interface. 

Using its interface, you can kick start your iPhone tracking adventure without any download and installation. What excites us more is that only iCloud details are required to get started with Spyine. That’s it!

#4 – Spyic

Spyic is a powerful iPhone tracking app that ensures nothing goes is hidden behind the curtains and you find out everything without anyone letting you know about it. 

As it works without any jailbreak, nothing is to be worried about. Everything that you do is free from any risks and tension.

Making most of your investment

Buying the subscription of Spyine is not a purchase. It’s an investment that you made to ensure the safety of your loved ones. With its subscription, you can track 35+ phone activities most discreetly.

#5 – Neatspy

Neatspy may be at the last spot, don’t ever dare to consider it below-average. Just try it once and you will be stunned by seeing how Neatspy has made iPhone tracking a child’s play.

For all those who always feared losing crucial data in the journey of iPhone tracking, Neatspy is a blessing.

Blessing in disguise

  • Neatspy offers you a jailbreak-free iPhone tracking facility and works without saving your data on its server.
  • Moving forward with Neatspy is free from any fears as Neatspy works without any download/installation. As long as you have it by your side, no one will be able to find out your motives.
  • Neatspy breaks the notion that iPhone tracking has to be costly by offering you one month’s detailed tracking at $10.


Nothing is impossible if you have the right tools. Track iPhone with Ease.

It’s 2020 and if you still think that technology can’t do everything that probably you need to brush your knowledge about technological advancement happening around you.

We have – not one – but five technical wonders that have helped millions to track an iPhone without any hassles. Spyine, our top pick, comes with so many surprises for you. With this option, you are going to experience a world-class iPhone tracking facility at your doorstep.