The news about Nvidia’s Second Generation Maxwell architecture Graphics Cards Gtx 980 and 970 are in the air. Nvidia will release the Second Generation Maxwell Architecture in September 10, and released both bad boys on September 19, after the Game24 event. At first we see that both versions at launched will equip with 4Gb / 256 Bit-Memory interface. But now the latest news comes from Foregin Forum OCUK, their administrator throw some fuel on the fire of exposures and said that NVIDIA will release Gtx 980 and Gtx 970 in the 8Gb Version also.

4GB reference and 8 Gb custom Geforce GTX 980 and 970 are on schedule

OCUK Gibbo GTX980 GTX970 8GB

Gibbo also said that at first Reference versions of GTX 980 and GTX 970 both with 4Gb, but latter the Custom Water Cooler version of Gtx 980 and Gtx 970 would be equipped with 8Gb memory. We also see the same story with the Nvidia previous release from kepler Architecture both GTX 780/780 Ti initial public version is 3GB memory, but later doubled to have a 6GB version.

Although a very large amount of VRAM is scary as for now many gamers are also at 1080p resolution and Gibbo supplement does not expect a single 8GB memory card will bring a huge leap in performance. In fact, todays games like a watchdog at most only Utilize 4GB memory, Battlefield is utilizing 1.7Gb on Max settings at 1080p. But we will probably have a chance to do a comparison test, confirmation is not really useless.

GeForce GTX-900 Series

For many players VRAM is not the eye candy, but they are expecting the huge leap in performance and want to see something good from Nvidia’s Second Generation Maxwell Architecture. GTX 980 is GM204-400, performance ratio is slightly higher than GTX 780 Ti, GTX 970 is GM204-200, ranging between GTX 780 and GTX 780 Ti, performance closer to the latter. Both will be equipped with 4GB / 256-bit GDDR5 memory. Previous rumors put the Geforce GTX 980 at the $499 Price Point and the Geforce GTX 970 at the $399 price point.

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