There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a game, and right when you’re about to win or hit your target, your game lags or you lose internet connection.

As a gamer, you’ve likely experienced that once or twice. Or, maybe your family is constantly complaining about being forced to listen to your online trash talk while you play one of your favorite games. Or, perhaps you’re always struggling to get comfortable in the hard dining room chair you’re using to stay close to the TV while you blast your opponents into oblivion. There are sites like The GamE Chair that has all the solutions for your gaming needs.

Regardless, there’s got to be a better way to game, right? Here are four pro tips for improving your gaming experience:

1. Get a Good Headset

If you’re a hardcore gamer and you love to play and communicate with other opponents online, you’ll need a good headset so you can talk hands-free as you play the game. Plus, with a good headset, the rest of your household won’t have to hear other gamers talking back to you.

Get yourself a headset that fits your noggin comfortably and allows you to hear the game in what feels like surround sound. Then, research some of the best headsets for the gaming console or gaming laptop you’re using to improve your gaming experience online.

2. Opt for Affordable, High-Quality Internet Service

Getting affordable, high-quality internet service can tremendously improve your online gaming experience. If you’re sick of your video games lagging and freezing, you might need better, faster internet service. But do you know how to determine what internet speed is needed before selecting a provider? Visit a website like to uncover a wealth of important information.

Beyond that, you’ll want to be sure the provider you’re considering can meet your needs before you sign up. Generally, online gaming requires about one to three Mbps. But if you plan to use your internet for other things, or you have a lot of people in the household, you might want to spring for a faster speed.

3. Get a Gaming Chair

If you want to get in the zone while playing, optimum comfort is essential. In that vein, consider getting a gaming chair that provides the ultimate comfort and relaxation and which comes with all the bells and whistles. For example, some gaming chairs offer features like lumbar support, cup holders, wireless connectivity and certain built-in technologies. You might want a gaming chair that allows you to adjust the settings based on your height and the position of your TV. Figure out what you want in a gaming chair and browse what’s available online.

4. Find the Right Accessories

Gaming accessories can make your play easier and more comfortable. Just some of the gaming accessories you might consider include a:

  • Remote charging station (so you’re always ready to game)
  • Two-terabyte external hard drive (to free up space)
  • Customizable controller
  • 10-foot micro USB charging cord
  • Media remote control
  • Dual-motor racing wheel
  • Gaming keyboard

Whatever accessories you decide to buy, they should help make your gaming experience more enjoyable, whether you’re playing on the PS4, XBOX or a gaming laptop.

Choosing Your Gaming Gear and Accessories

Now that you know how to improve your overall gaming experience in more ways than one, you can start thinking about what might be best for you. Whether you opt for affordable, high-quality internet; gaming accessories; a gaming chair; good headset; or some combination of these products, you’ll get to enjoy the most optimal gaming experience.

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